Making Money Online

Ok first of all, NO you can't make a living from the cash you make online, but you can make extra cash, enough for treats or to add to your savings. Pre 2016 the extra money I earned seemed to come in handy when an unexpected bill arrived or an extra social event popped up. It just meant that I wasn't using my wages to pay for these extra things.

2016 - I would like to clear credit cards and start saving for a mortgage so any extra money I get I will be using sensibly.

When I tell friends about what I do to make this money, the general response is that they don't have time. Well I actually multitask and do all the things I'm going to tell you about on my tablet while I'm chilling watching tv. No I don't do it everyday or spend hours and hours just when I can....but I do it regularly. Below are the blog posts of sites and services I currently use so you can read about them and see how much I many have referral links so if you do sign up to the sites I'd appreciate you using my links...helps me earn more money.

If you want me to check out an opportunity you've seen to earn money online or offline, feel free to send me the details and I'll see whether it's worth it.

I have much more to upload, just need to write the blog posts


Making money from Surveys

YouGov - £167.25

Toluna - Recently withdrew 2 x £5 highstreet giftcards with 50,000. Now have 26,306 points

MintVine - £7.82

Opinion Outpost - £8.75 plus 15/50 points

OnePulse - £5.05

Quidco Opinions 

Earnably - 118/225 points


Making money from shopping

Checkout Smart App - £50.56

Earn extra Clubcard Points 

TopCashBack - £564.72

Receipt Hog - £5 plus 194/1500 coins

Quidco/ClickSnap - £64.16/£28.13

Shopmium - £57 plus £33 credit to use on purchases



Making money from apps

Checkout Smart App - £50.56

Perk TV - points expired...need to start again

Receipt Hog - £5 plus 194/1500

OnePulse - £4.70

Quidco/ClickSnap - £64.16/£28.13

Shopmium - £57 plus £33 credit to use on purchases



Making money from websites

Cashback Discount - £6.87

Profit Accumulator - over £1000


Making money from what you've got at home

1p a day challenge

Sell unwanted presents

How to make the most money from your old phone