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New Diet Plan for 2017

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lost 2lb

So my main reason for losing weight this year is to fit into my bridesmaid dress for 31st August 2017... I've set a goal of 84lbs to lose which is 6 far i've lost 2lb during January which isn't good but better than a gain I suppose. Although within the last week I have probably put it back on and more as being off work I've just been watching tv and eating ice cream and ready meals even though the kitchen is stocked of healthy food.

Today I have properly kick started myself with a moderation/Slimming World plan basically I'm following Slimming World but not so strictly...I'm not weighing my healthy extras, I'm going to have whole grain not wholemeal bread. I will try where possible to have a meal that has 1/3 speed food. Syns I'll have up to 25. Smoothies and fruit juice, I'm not synning but I'll be having in moderation so really my plan is just eating healthily...everything in moderation.

I'll also be exercising at least an hour everyday of cardio and then weights. 

Just as I'm writing this post by new food diary has arrived which is useful for Slimming World fans. It is a 3 month food diary which cost £6.99 from Bloomingorgeous on's the link:



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